BINA at the Serpentine Gallery

Gonzalo Milà’s BINA bin was selected for Design Real – the first design-focused show to be presented at the Serpentine Gallery. Design Real is curated by Konstantin Grcic and designed in collaboration with Alex Rich and Jürg Lehni. His selection of objects was guided by several basic criteria. As the title of the exhibition suggests, all of the selected products are ‘real’, mass produced items that have a practical function in everyday life. There are no prototypes, concepts or models featured in the exhibition. With few exceptions, all of the products are currently in serial production and are more or less available for individuals to buy. Moreover, all of the objects were conceived within the last ten years. From this starting point, Grcic has brought together a wide range of products with different styles and functions, from furniture and household items to technical and industrial innovations.

The BINA can be well fixed in the sand, is stackable and easy to maintain. It meets all of the necessary requirements for use at the beach: large capacity, easy maintenance, a lid that can be quickly moved, with a lock to protect it against vandalism, solid placement in the sand, since the last 30 centimeters of the body are buried in the sand, and are filled with sand before the plastic bag is placed inside, thus achieving simple and perfect placement that can be piled up in order to facilitate storage at the end of the summer season.

The plastic body allows for the litter bin to be coloured en masse and facilitates personalization or adaptation to the surroundings. The lid includes a space upon which the name and shield of the municipality can be engraved.

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BINA at the Serpentine Gallery